Pycnogenol® French maritime pine bark extract and PMS

Did you know?

  • Premenstrual symptoms are a common part of the menstrual cycle and at least 85% of women who menstruate have at least one premenstrual symptom.
  • 90% of all women will have to deal with the aches, pains and emotional stress of Premenstrual Syndrome or PMS at some time during their reproductive years
  • 30% to 40% of all women will have symptoms distressing enough to interfere with their everyday lives
  • Some of the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome include abdominal bloating and weight gain, skin problems, anxiety, aches and pains, breast swelling and tenderness, cramps, depression, food cravings, swelling of the hands or feet, among others

Data source: Premenstrual Syndrome Patient Education Pamphlet – March 2010 -The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists -
Data source: PMS Facts and Statistics– January 2011 –

How Pycnogenol® can help ?

Much of women‘s suffering during the menstrual period results from inflammatory processes involved. Pycnogenol® can help owing to its natural anti-inflammatory virtues without side-effects. Multiple clinical studies have documented that Pycnogenol® can naturally soothe the discomfort associated with menstrual symptoms. Pycnogenol® was found to alleviate the cramping and abdominal pain sensation.

Pycnogenol® inhibits prostaglandins and is anti-inflammatory

Many women experience a variety of symptoms related to the menstrual cycle that may affect their quality of life. Research has found Pycnogenol® to be a natural anti-inflammatory, which provides the basis for the rational to use Pycnogenol® to naturally moderate menstrual discomfort. In these studies Pycnogenol was taken as daily dietary supplement.

Pycnogenol is anti-inflammatory

How Pycnogenol® helps relieve menstrual pain?

Research presented in the European Bulletin of Drug Research concludes that Pycnogenol® reduces abdominal discomfort by 80 percent and cramping by 77 percent with women experiencing troubled menstrual periods. Dr. Nobutaka Suzuki completed a multi-center field study on Pycnogenol® for menstrual discomfort. Results showed that Pycnogenol® treatment lowered tenderness during menstruation, which was reflected by a significant reduction of medication required. Pycnogenol® soothed the discomfort after one month and provided further relief after the second month.

Pycnogenol gradually decreases menstrual pain

Pycnogenol® may help improve endometriosis

The possibility of improving sufferings of endometriosis with Pycnogenol® was investigated and published in the Journal of Reproductive Medicine. Treatment with Pycnogenol® gradually decreased menstrual troubles from initial severe discomfort to moderate aches at trial end. The discomfort score was lowered significantly by 33% during the treatment period covering 48 weeks. Pycnogenol® did not effect women's hormonal level of oestradiol. Interestingly, five women got pregnant during the trial which was encouraging result since it can be more difficult to get pregnant with endometriosis.

Peri-menopause hot flash relief?

Studies reveal Pycnogenol® naturally reduces «climacteric symptoms» associated with peri-menopause. Such as hot flashes, depression, panic attacks and other common symptoms associated with women entering menopause transition.

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