Respiratory Health

Did you know the WHO estimates:

  • 300 million people suffer from asthma
  • Asthma is the most common chronic disease among children.
  • Asthma is not just a public health problem for high income countries: it occurs in all countries regardless of level of development. Over 80% of asthma deaths occurs in low and lower-middle income countries.
  • Asthma is under-diagnosed and under-treated, creating a substantial burden to individuals and families and possibly restricting individuals’ activities for a lifetime.

Data source: Asthma Fact sheet N°307– May 2008 – WHO

What is Asthma?

Asthma is believed to be the result of inflammatory processes of the bronchi, which causes them to constrict and swell, aggravating airflow, prompting obstruction of the airway.

Pycnogenol® French maritime pine bark extract helps fight against hayfever and asthma

Pycnogenol® French maritime pine bark extract was demonstrated to help asthmatics improve their breathing ability.

Pycnogenol allows easier breathinig

Did you know Pycnogenol® has antihistaminic potency?

One in three people suffer from allergies; which are an overreaction of the body’s immune system toward substances it considers harmful.

Allergens, such as in hay-fever, and which cause negative reactions from the body, are commonly pollen, dust, mite and animal hair.

When a person who is allergic comes in contact with one of these allergens, mast cells release the tissue-hormone histamine. The histamine in turn triggers sneezing, nasal congestion, coughing, wheezing, itching and bronchial swellings. 

According to studies, Pycnogenol® was found to inhibit the release of histamine from mast cells that were aggravated by an irritant.  And, since this powerful antioxidant is an anti-inflammatory, it inhibits production of pro-inflammatory mediators helping to relieve swelling and making breathing easier.

Pycnogenol® and the management of childhood asthma

Pycnogenol® also exhibited promise in the management of childhood asthma. Researchers found that 60 children aged 6 to 18 years with mild to moderate asthma were able to significantly reduce or discontinue their use of rescue inhalers when they supplemented with Pycnogenol®, whereas as the placebo group experienced no benefit.

The antioxidant activity of Pycnogenol® coupled with its anti-inflammatory properties soothe irritations that cause the bronchi to swell, making breathing difficult in asthmatics.

Pycnogenol improves breathing ability (FEV1)

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