Cebu Hope Center

The Cebu Hope Center

The Cebu Hope Center was established in 1981 by Dona Maria M. de Aboitiz to protect, serve and rebuild the lives of less fortunate children.

Today, the Franciscan Sisters of the Scared Hearts administer their duty in line with the Center’s mission to care for, rehabilitate, educate and assimilate into mainstream life, those children who have been rejected, neglected or abused.

The mission of the Center is to provide and offer children hope, a sense of self-worth and opportunities to succeed in life. Besides residential care, the Cebu Hope Center is proud to provide rehabilitation, education, life building and training skills and spiritual and value formation. Children stay at the Center for varying lengths of time, up to 5 years. The goal is to for them to reintegrate back into a family.

After a chance encounter on a visit to the Philippines, CEO Victor Ferrari made the commitment to support the Center. Horphag Research covers the yearly needs for the Cebu Hope Center which includes organizing local doctors to donate their time and services.

Victor Ferrari, CEO Horphag Research, at Cebu Hope Center