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Study Shows Daily Use of Pycnogenol® Can Improve Attention Span, Decision Making, and Memory For Baby Boomers

Natural pine bark extract found to help boost overall cognitive performance including daily decision making and stress management for those over age 55


Study Shows Pycnogenol® Can Help Improve Endothelial Function in Cases of Borderline Hyperglycemia, Hypertension or HyperLipidemia

Daily use of standardized pine bark extract found to strengthen metabolic parameters, reduce LDL cholesterol and curb oxidative stress


Study Shows Daily Use Of Pycnogenol® Can Improve Memory, Focus, Decision-Making and Mood

Natural pine bark extract found to help boost overall cognitive performance including attention span and coping with stress in healthy professionals.


Pycnogenol® Naturally Reduces Common Cold Symptoms, Severity and Duration

Natural pine bark extract found to help relieve sore throat, sneezing, runny nose, cough, temperature and headache


Pycnogenol® Found Effective to Naturally Improve Varicose and Spider Veins Following Pregnancy

Study shows Pycnogenol®, may improve blood flow and reduce swelling, pain and the number of faulty veins post-pregnancy


Study Finds Pycnogenol® Effective in Improving Inner Ear Circulation With Relief of Symptoms of Meniere’s Disease Including Tinnitus

Latest findings confirm natural pine bark extract significantly improves inner-ear-related ailments suffered by more than 50 million Americans including vertigo, hearing loss and unsteady gait


Study Finds Natural Extract Pycnogenol® to Improve Psoriasis Symptoms Including Redness, Skin Hardening and Flaking

Patented French maritime pine bark extract shown to significantly reduce the most common signs of psoriasis by reducing inflammation, increasing skin hydration and fighting free radicals

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Horphag Research supplies Pycnogenol® as a raw material to companies that produce a variety of Pycnogenol®-containing products. Horphag Research does not make any claims regarding the use of these finished products and each manufacturer is responsible for ensuring that the claims made for and use of its products comply with the regulatory requirement of the locations in which it markets its products.