Food & Drink Solutions

Dole Juice Up Inner Beauty

Dole launches Dole Juice Up Inner Beauty, a Pycnogenol® -based beauty from within drink in the Philippines

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PYCNO® Drink

Nature’s Farm recently launched a unique functional drink called PYCNO® Drink in Singapore.

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Nippon Luna

Launched several years ago in Japan, Nippon Luna is a convenient functional beverage developed to help prevent and relieve seasonal hay fever and allergy symptoms.

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Killer Drinks

Launched in Europe in October 2008, the Killer product line contains five functional beverages formulated to achieve different health results.

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Horphag Research supplies Pycnogenol® as a raw material to companies that produce a variety of Pycnogenol®-containing products. Horphag Research does not make any claims regarding the use of these finished products and each manufacturer is responsible for ensuring that the claims made for and use of its products comply with the regulatory requirement of the locations in which it markets its products.